Story behind this food blog

Welcome! My name is Sophia. I believe the most important time of day is gathered around the table.   
One of my earliest memories is being in the kitchen with my great grandma Juana. Though there was a language barrier, the connection and bond formed through body language, mannerisms, and eyes that smiled placed an impression on my heart and instilled a love of cooking. I felt a deep sense of belonging, comfort, and togetherness. Little did she know, those small moments would be the essence of who I am today. Food is the love language I connect too and give through. If you come to my home you will be greeted with food. The time, love, and effort I place into every meal is something I cherish. I hope that my page inspires others with mealtime and cultivates the very essence my grandmother showed me. Recipes are meant to be fun, engaging, and enjoyable. I hope your love for cooking grows stronger, and that the recipes I share spark your creative side!

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